Ice Hockey Protective Gear

In this section you can find allot of our ice hockey protective equipment, that includes elbow pads, jocks, cups, pelvic protectors, shin pans and shoulder pads.

All of this protective gear is a necessity while you are out on the ice as well and they provide you with the best possible protection from pucks, sticks, skates, falls and many other high impact hits. A player wants reliable hockey protective equipment, protective equipment that will hold up year over year yet provide you the comfort that you are looking for.

We have all the latest Youth, Junior, Intermediate and Senior-sized protective gear from the top brand names in hockey and winter sports equipment. Perani’s Hockey World can outfit you with the latest from Bauer, CCM, Warrior, Easton, Nike, Reebok (RBK), Graf, Sherwood, Winnwell, Mission, Infinity, Alkali, Eagle, Hespeler and Louisville and many others!