New Products

Whether you’re shopping for a youth hockey player, playing in an adult league, a college or junior player, roller hockey player, goalie, referee or coach, we carry all the latest equipment, gear, and accessories for you to succeed on the ice, floor or outdoor play.

You’ll be able to view all the newest hockey equipment in this section of our hockey toy store.

For ice hockey, you can shop for skates, pants, shoulder pads, sticks, gloves, helmets, shin guards, elbow pads, socks, jocks, jerseys, bags and more from major brands such as Bauer, CCM, Warrior, Easton, Nike, Reebok, RBK, Graf, Sherwood, Winnwell, Mission, Infinity, Alkali, Eagle, Hespeler and Louisville.

For roller hockey, you can shop for skates, wheels, pants, girdles, shoulder pads, sticks, blades, gloves, helmets, shields, shin guards, elbow pads, pucks, balls, jocks, jerseys and more from Bauer, Easton, Mission, Alkali, Louisville, Tour, Lange, Syven, Hyper, Valken, Factory, Rink Rat, Labeda, Mylec, Cooper, Cascade and Franklin.

For goalies, you can shop for goalie pads, catch gloves, blockers, skates, throat guards, chest and arm pads, pants, jocks, sticks, helmets, cages and more from Vaughn, Brian’s, Eagle, Warrior, CCM, Reebok, Eddy Masks, Nash, Graf, McKenney, 330, Louisville and Sherwood.